To Sell Is Human

To Sell Is Human

The premise of this book is that, like it or not, we are all in sales either directly or in non-sales selling. Pink goes on to discuss that sales is not what it used to be because of the availability of information and that a new approach to moving others (his term for all types of sales) is needed.

The approach encompasses three common sense qualities contained in the author’s ABC’s. They are as follows:

Attunement – The capacity to take someone else’s perspective and adjust your words and actions to their point of view.

Buoyancy – the ability to staff afloat in an ocean of rejection.

Clarity – Making sense of murky situations, to refine information instead of merely accessing it and to move from problem-solving to problem-finding.

The abilities that are most critical in moving others are:

Pitch – the skill of breaking down your message to its basics and doing it so that it engages another person deeply enough to begin a conversation. The author recommends using the question “Where are you from?” as the opening line as it provides a multitude of answers.

Improvise – the skill of moving off script to adapt to unforeseen resistance and objections.

Serve – the skill of transforming your interactions from transactions to transcendence by making them personal and purposeful.

Pink provides lots of examples, exercises and references throughout the book along with detailed notes at the end to more fully develop each of these concepts.

This book provides a guide on how to move others successfully in today’s world in an engaging and ethical way. I strongly recommend the book for those who are looking at improving their ability to sell regardless if it is themselves, a product, an idea or an organization.


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