Your Best Just Got Better


I read this book by Jason Womack as the monthly selection of the 12 Books Group with the expectation that I will write a review and post it in several places. This book is about managing your time to be more productive and includes several exercises on building and sustaining workflow habits that will help the reader accomplish the goal of the book. He points out that there are only 96 fifteen minute segments to each day and managing these blocks of time are critical.

The book is divided into three sections titled: Work Smarter, Think Bigger and Make More. Each section contains chapters that lead you through a process that Jason has developed based on his own experiences of what worked or didn’t work for him. Each chapter focuses on a specific improvement area filled with lots of thought provoking exercises where you need to stop, think and conduct the exercise in order to obtain the full value from the chapter. The chapters build on each other so that it is useful to complete the exercises as Jason refers back to them at different times. The approach that I am used, after trying some of the initial exercises, was to read through the entire book to get a feel for it and I am now going back and reading a second time and focusing on each of the exercises as they arise. Others may find it useful to pick a chapter and work on it, but I caution that many of the chapters refer to exercises completed in other chapters so it may be a little more challenging to do it this way.

This YouTube link will take you to a number of videos of presentations by Jason on the sections contained in the book.


This is a well thought out and presented book that I recommend to anyone who is looking to be more productive with the amount of time that they have each day. It is not only informative, but an interesting and entertaining read.


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