Fred 2.0: New Ideas On How To Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results

Fred 2.0

Fred 2.0

As a matter of disclosure I read this book as part of the 12 Books Group with the expectation that I would write and post a review to several different sites. It has sparked a good deal of interesting posts on Goodreads and further examples of Fred like service.

Mark Sanborn

This book by Mark Sanborn is a sequel to his earlier work – The Fred Factor. While it is helpful to read the Fred Factor first, Fred 2.0 does quite nicely as a stand-alone book as the author provides several highlights from the first book. It is a very quick read.

Fred 2.0 expands upon the four principles of the Fred Factor by providing numerous examples in each chapter. In case you haven’t read The Fred Factor, the four principles are:

    • Everyone makes a difference.
    • It is all built on relationships.
    • You can add value to everything you do.
    • You can reinvent yourself continually.

The premise of Chapter One in the book is to not settle for normal, but to choose to be extraordinary. The benefits of being extraordinary are touted as it brings us delight, sets us apart, defends our position and determines our happiness and success. These benefits reinforce how I feel when I go beyond being normal. I always feel delighted and happy when I provide extraordinary service to someone(s).

Mark also points out that it always about service. It starts with commitment and evolves with passion and creativity. He also delves into developing teams, raising children and building communities using the Fred principles.

At the end of each chapter are a few questions for the reader to answer for themselves which helps to imprint the messages within the book. I found these to be helpful for myself in identifying how I can improve myself and my service delivery. In my mind, it comes down to attitude – a positive outlook will allow you to develop and progress much more than a complacent one.

This books ties in nicely with the prior month’s selection – Start With Why by Simon Sinek. At the end of Chapter 2 Mark poses the question – Why do you do what you do?

 I recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their individual, team or organization’s level of service.

So, Why do you do what you do?


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