Policy vs. Paperclips


This book was an informative and entertaining read. The author uses the techniques of a series of emails between two individuals to explain how using the corporate model for nonprofit boards is beneficial to the organization. The exchange of emails takes the reader through the process from needs assessment to implementation.

 What I enjoyed most about the book is that it was written so that the concepts are easily understood through the question and answers presented in each set of emails. In addition, the concept has been successfully implemented in a number of nonprofits around the country that are mentioned in the introductory section of the book and examples in the emails exchanges.

At the end of the book an additional series of questions and answers with suggestions on how to successfully implement the corporate model. An added benefit is that a Leader’s Guide is available for use to facilitate a discussion of the corporate model process.

 I must admit that nonprofits that are totally volunteer operated or with a limited staff may find the overall process unachievable, but there are many useful ideas within the email exchanges from which small organizations can benefit.

 I strongly recommend this book to any nonprofit CEOs or Board Members who feel that too much time is spent on operational issues and not enough spent on planning and policy.


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