What’s The Future of Business?

WTF of Business

This book is a continuation of the author’s earlier work “The End of Business as Usual.” At the same time it can stand alone on its own.

Brian Solis

This book by Brian Solis is not your typical business book. The look and feel of the book is very different and ties in nicely with the concepts and ideas presented in the book. It has a table of contents, but they appear at the beginning of each chapter with the highlight sliding to the current chapter giving the book an almost e-book feel. Each chapter, including Chapter 0,  also opens with a quote that ties in nicely to the chapter content. The style and appearance is such that you would expect to find it on a table in the waiting area of a business. The author describes it as a visual presentation that combines business and design to created intended experiences.

Some of the key concepts in the book are:

Disruptive technology is a catalyst for change, not the reason businesses (Blockbuster, Borders, etc.) go out of business.

  • Business transformation is similar to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.
  • Different times call for different measures.
  • A new era of social service: promoting the experiences of customers.
  • The Zero Moment of Truth and the Ultimate Moment of Truth.
  • The Dynamic Customer Journey Influence Loop.
  • The Psychology of Social Commerce.
    • Social Proof – Follow the Crowd
    • Authority – The Guiding Light
    • Scarcity – Less is More
    • Liking – Build bonds and trust
    • Consistency
    • Reciprocity – Pay It Forward
    • Customer engagement is not the same as conversations.
    • Ten priorities for meaningful business transformation.
    • In the circle of life, connected consumerism is the new reality. Those businesses that don’t disrupt their own markets will find their markets disrupted for them.
    • To change takes two things: the aspiration and determination to change.

I strongly recommend this book for anyone looking to keep their business viable over the long term. I found it to be an engaging, thoughtful and dynamic read. How often can you say that about a business book?


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