Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Getting Ahead


As a matter of disclosure I received this book as a core reviewer for the 12 Books Group with the expectation that I will post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, my Blog and participate in the monthly discussion on Goodreads.

I found this book by Joel Garfinkle interesting in that it clearly lays out how one can advance their careers. This book is especially helpful if you are working in a larger organization, but it is also applicable to smaller ones.

Joel Garfinkle

Joel breaks the process down into three steps: Improve Perception, Increase Visibility and Exert Influence. You will find the summary and action steps at the end of each chapter helpful in implementing the content contained in the chapter. Many can be completed as an individual exercise, but some will provide greater benefit by engaging others in the exercise. In addition, the book contains notes and resources that are helpful in gaining additional insight into the material in the chapters. Warning, the process will take a concerted effort if you are the least bit introverted.

Part One of the book – Improve Your Perception – Take Control of How Others See You is broken down into three chapters. They are the Power off Perception, Seven Influencers on Perception and The Four-Step Perception Management Process. I personally found Table 3.1 – Perceptions of Types of Behavior You Might Be Exhibiting very interesting as each behavior is presented in a positive and negative light.

Part Two – Increase Your Visibility – Stand Out And Get Noticed By The People Who Matter most is covered in four chapters. Up Your Visibility; Promote Your Success; Speak Up, Speak First and Speak Often; and Raise Your Profile. This is the section of the book that I believe that those who are introverted will have the greatest challenge as it requires you to really step outside of your comfort zone. This section contains lots of suggestions for how to achieve each of the four substeps.

Part Three  – Exert Your Influence – Lead Situations, People and Events is detailed in three chapters. Lead Through Influence, Be Influential Now and Become a Master Influencer. This is the section of the book where it will be helpful to have someone to discuss the action steps at the end of the chapter.

I recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a process through which they can advance their careers. It  has assisted a number of people in achieving advancement.


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