The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money

The Behavior Gap


As a matter of disclosure I received this book as part of the 12 Books group with the expectation that I would participate in the discussion on Goodreads and post a review on that site, Amazon and my blog.

 Carl Richards

I found author Carl Richards book to be an easy to read and insightful. The chapters are concise and do not drift in to overkill on any of the subjects he discusses. The premise for the book is about being smarter with your money, but I found that it also translates into making useful life decisions. This actually resonated more with me as I am older and have followed a conservative investment strategy of being in it for the long haul rather than trying to guess what is going to happen in the market and taking a bath as a result.

In addition, I really enjoyed the diagrams throughout the book. Some of which were on napkins like they were developed during a conversation over drinks. The one following this paragraph was my favorite.


I strongly recommend this book, especially for those who are in the beginning stages of their life journey, to anyone who is looking for a practical guide to making better decisions regarding your financial future and life in general.


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