Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t

Leaders Eat LastAs a matter of disclosure I received this book on leadership by Simon Sinek as part of being a core review for the 12 Books group. The expectations are that I post a review to my blog, Amazon and other sites along with participating in the group discussion on the book.

Simon Sinek

This is a captivating read about leadership and why so many people don’t love their jobs along with examining what is contributing greatly to the lack of political compromise in our nation. In a word it is all about “trust.”

Simon opens examining the Marine Corps and how they build trust within their teams. This led to the variation on a theme in the title of the book – officers eat last. In short, great leaders will sacrifice their own comfort for the good of those who are in their team. Simon then goes on to examine how we are wired this way from an evolutionary point of view as we were originally small bands of people (not more than 150) and depended on each other for survival. The 150 has stayed a constant number when considering those that we are able to keep close relationships.

He goes on to discuss how our biological wiring hasn’t changed, but our environment has changed greatly due to many factors. The move has been away from caring for people to a focus on numbers (the ever-present bottom line) creating a world of cynics, paranoids and self-centered individuals. He delves into how this all developed over time and presents a clear way of reestablishing relationships that build trust and security.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in leadership (especially human based) and wants to start the process of returning us to human based decisions versus number based decisions.



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