Thinking, Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and Slow

As a matter of disclosure I read this book as one of the selections for the Credit Union Leaders Book Club on LinkedIn. I serve as one of the discussion leaders and managers for the group.

This book by Daniel Kahneman is an academic approach to the way that we think. He divides our thinking process into two parts. System One is when we think fast (primarily reactive thinking) and System Two is when we think slow (primarily proactive thinking). System One is always running with System Two operating in the background and it surfaces when System One runs into difficulty.

The author goes on to break down into extensive detail each of the two systems over the course of the book. He provides mutliple examples and presents interesting thought challenges throughout the book (I actually found these to be the most engrossing part of the book for me). At times, I felt that he went a little overboard is getting his point across and could have shortened up a few chapters.

I recommend this book to anyone, but I will caution you that if you are a fan of the Heath Brothers, Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, etc. you may find this book a little too academic for your taste.


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One Response to Thinking, Fast and Slow

  1. Candie Notes says:

    This is a great book for those interested in how the mind works. I agree it’s a little long and academic but has a lot of interesting insights into the foibles of the human thought process. Thanks for the review!

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