It’s Not Just Who You Know

It's Not Just Who You Know

As a matter of disclosure I received this book as part of the 12 Books Group with the expectation that I would participate in the discussion on Goodreads and post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, my business book blog and other sites.

I have to admit if I hadn’t made the commitment I would have not finished this book. While the concepts in the book in expanding on the basic Dale Carnegie principles is good, I found the first two sections of the book to be boring and tedious and the fourth section just downright nauseating.  I am always leery of the approach of “LOOK WHAT I OVERCAME AND HOW SUCCESSFUL I AM AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO!”. Like most books of this style Tommy Spaulding spends more time on his story rather than a the proposed theme of the book.

While a number of people will find this book to be of interest (especially if they have not been exposed to Dale Carnegie), I can only say that this book was a huge disappointment.


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