The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innnovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas


I was given this book by David Burkus to review as part of the 12 Books Group with the expectation that I would participate in the discussion on Goodreads and post a review to Goodreads, my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Amazon.

I found the book to be an entertaining, well researched, fast read that clearly presented the ideas and concepts the author is trying to impart. While I had read about many of the examples that he used in the book, I really liked that he went into greater detail about what happened with each example. It was not a once over easly gloss over approach.

The book contains eleven chapters and each delves into its subject in an informative matter. Over the course of my career I have had the pleasure (or pain) of seeing the end result of believing in most of the myths presented.I really enjoyed the chapters on The Originality Myth, the Lone Creator Myth and the Cohesive Myth.

As an added plus, if you visit the author’s website and sign-up for his newsletter, you will receive a free copy of the workbook that goes with the book. I am looking forward to utilizing it.

I heartily recommend this book for anyone who is interested in creativity whether for yourself or within your organization.


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