The Road to Little Dribbling


I purchased and read this book because I am (was) a fan of Bill Bryson’s other books. They were entertaining and hard to put down. This book (by far his worst effort) was of limited entertainment value and hard to pick up and resume.

He mentions in the opening that his publisher suggested a follow-up to “Notes from a Small Island.” The book reads like it was not the author’s idea and he never fully committed to it. Either that or he has become so full of himself with the success of his books and the one movie that he can write any kind of trash and his publisher will print it and the public will buy it (I know – I got suckered just like a lot of other people).

The first half of the book is full of whining and dropping of f-bombs (I assume an attempt to be somewhat humorous). I couldn’t decide if was reverting to a second adolescence or trying to be an unamusing old fart. The second half of the book is a huge improvement over the first part in that he at least comes close on a few occasions to the quality of his prior books(at least there are noticeably fewer f-bombs).

I found it rather amusing that he rags on Katie Price near the end of the book and is connected to her as they have the same publisher. He is not amused. Well, in my opinion, they belong together with the quality of this book.

Don’t waste you money if you must read it. Get a copy from the library or borrow one from one of your friends who was suckered like I was based on this past books.


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