Going for Impact: The Nonprofit Director’s Essential Guidebook


I decided to read this book as I have a deep interest in nonprofit governance. It is the second book by Eugene Fram that I have read.

This book, like the author’s first “Policy vs. Paperclips” is an informative and quick read.  While the first book deals with the Board’s role from an organizational view, this one deals more in the nitty gritty of the Board’s interaction within themselves and with the CEO. It points out the dangers and pitfalls that many nonprofit Boards end up dealing with because they are either too trusting or not engaged enough in what is happening within the organization. The author provides takeaways at the end of each chapter.

I would also recommend following the author’s blog on WordPress. The material covered in the book has been on the site, but he continually posts updates and new material all aimed at nonprofit Boards of Directors.

I strongly recommend this book for all nonprofit Boards and the CEO.



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